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Soothe Your Soul – This delicious oil is a blend of carefully chosen organic essential oils and jojoba to create an infusion of healing and soothing vibrations.  Each bottle is charged and blessed with pure intention using Reiki energy healing. This beauty can be used alone on your skin as part of your daily regime, applied to the temples during meditation, a scalp or body massage or added to a favorite lotion or cream(my personal favorite). This oil will enrich and soothe your soul, while creating balance and grounding with just a few drops!


All products are cleared, blessed and charged with pure intention and high vibrational healing using Reiki energy. I hand craft all items infusing each one with a high frequency of energy, using only high quality, certified, organic products and that which can be homegrown. Every item I make is done with purpose and special care to ensure healing for the highest and greatest good of another’s soul. 


I offer an additional customized healing on any product that you, as the customer chooses based on individual needs and intentions.


All purchases are sent with a complimentary channeled message! 

Essential Oil Blend

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