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This aromatic smudge blend is made up of loose leaf white sage and organic, homegrown rose petals.  This mix has been charged and blessed by yours truly with Reiki healing energy and pure intention.  Each pot is infused with a customized, organic essential oil blend to promote healing and raise the vibration of one’s self and/or their surrounding environment. 


The benefits of Sage and Roses:


Sage – Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing and clearing a person and/or space. Traditionally it is used for its powerful cleansing and clearing properties to remove negative and stagnant energy, and/or spirit(s).  The other qualities of sage when burned are an increase in clarity, increasing spiritual awareness and wisdom, and creating a sense of balance and calm. The medicinal smoke from sage also reduces airborne bacteria!


Roses – Known for their symbolism of love and passion, but also have amazing healing properties that assist with apathy, feelings of being stuck and giving up, stress, resentment, anxiety, anger, jealousy and grief.


All purchases are sent with a complimentary channeled message! 

Clear The Air Smudge Pots

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